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Life is good but it can always get better. That’s true for porn as well. Any of us perverts would take the shittiest porn on the worst day of our lives because we LOVE seeing naked women. I mean, I can not express to you in direct-enough terms JUST HOW MUCH we like that shit. But just because we’re literally reduced to grunting like cavemen whenever we see titties doesn’t mean we don’t have some set of standards. We still like certain levels of lighting, production value, and attractiveness when it comes to the girls we jerk off to.

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The weather here has been awful lately, so I have been spending a fair amount of time daydreaming about traveling. Of course, flying would probably be a nightmare, so I might be better off hunkering down at home and looking for a porn paradise to fap to.

Brazil is looking really good right about now. Warm weather, hot bods, and some of the finest shemales on the planet can all be found there. Travel sites like to boast about the rain forest, the Rio de Janeiro Carnival, beaches, bikinis, and so on. Those of us who spend a lot of time checking out porn know there is a lot more to look forward to than what is put in the brochures.

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One of my favorite adult genres will always be casting couch porn. While I can’t personally relate to what it feels like to be a hot young slut in this situation, we’ve all had a stressful or awkward interview before. To me, the idea of combining that scenario with dirty sex acts is enough to make me instantly turned on.

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