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When you’re lucky at the lotto and win five thousand off a scratch ticket, the first thing you should be planning is to find a sexy latina bitch to impress with your new found wealth. Soon after cashing in we found the perfect mamacita, her name is Annika Adama and this mami has a perfect ass you would only dream about. So we talked and showed off our new bling and she came back to our place to hang out with the rich gringos hehe. Danny ended up ramming her sweet latina pussy like a jackhammer, and made sure that hot latina ass bounced like a salsa club.

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When you need a Latina model but can’t find any, call Lani Love. This cute mamacita designs her own handmade bikinis and has a killer body. So we convinced her to try them on for us, and her only demand was more money. So I took out all I had, and that was enough for the clothes to come off. Her incredible ass just would not stop shaking at us. Banging this juicy Latina was an amazing experience, and I hope you agree…

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We went to a swingers club and hooked up with hottie Latina Dani Duran and her cute friend. Jota really came on strong with Danni and she must have been interested because eventually they went over to the bar area and started gettin busy. Danni loved every minute of feeling his strong black hands on her body. She was so excited having interracial sex with a black man she even asked him for a hardcore ass fucking and he happily obliged! Nothing better than finding some Saturday Night Latinas!